It is a leading company in the construction of road, civil, electromechanical, industrial, hydraulic engineering, as well as dredging services and construction management, aiming the development of innovative- high value projects.

Since its foundation in February 1982, through our highly qualified human capital, we have put our best effort and capacity to carry out the design, planning and execution of projects with the highest efficiency and quality, aiming always to provide the maximum added value to the final product.

Our customers entrust their projects to us, due to our experience, solvency, commitment and compliance with the execution deadlines, supported by our creativity and our speed of response to find the best technical and economical solutions, corresponding to the growing market requirements.

A company that gets to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the population and its collaborators, promoting social and environmental responsibility through its projects.

This is the capital that makes Ingeniería de Topografía y Caminos S. A. (T&C S. A. ), an important reference in the construction industry.

Our experience in the management and execution of works with rigid and flexible pavements, drainage systems, soil movements, quarry operations, industrial plants, asphalt mix production plants, material crushing plants, soil plants, concrete dosing plants, among others, is backed up by several developed projects.

Quality Policy

 We are a national company dedicated to providing essential infrastructure projects for the progress of our country. We distinguish ourselves through our significant production capacity, a professional team with high competence, and extensive experience, enabling us to undertake projects that adhere to quality standards and on-time delivery.
Our focus is on the continuous improvement of processes and systems to meet contractual commitments, considering the interests of shareholders, our employees, suppliers, and the communities benefiting from our projects.


We are a Paraguayan company dedicated to the development of infrastructure projects. We execute projects with quality, on time, while also considering social and environmental aspects and profitability. With experience, financial capacity, infrastructure, and equipment at our disposal, we always strive for innovation in products, processes, and business models to effectively contribute to the realization of projects that promote national development.



To be a company that provides comprehensive solutions to the infrastructure needs of the country and the region, with the capacity, knowledge, and experience to develop and execute projects from their financial, technical, and operational aspects. Highly committed to the individuals within the organization, characterized by efficiency, agility, organization, and profitability.


INGENIERÍA DE TOPOGRAFÍA Y CAMINOS S.A.  (T&C S.A.) He has certified in commercial, operational, administrative and logistical processes.It has been evaluated and certified according to compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard for the following activities in the processes of Road, Civil, Hydraulic/Sanitation and Electromechanical Works.